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What is MyOhiohcp?
MyOhiohcp is a personalized page for active individuals or providers in the Ohio Home Care Program. It contains their records, service plans and other program-related information -- all on one page!

Is it Safe
MyOhiohcp is password protected.

How do I access it?
My Ohiohcp is accessible anywhere with an Internet connection—you don't need to download anything.




As an active Individual or Provider in the Ohio Home Care Program it's important that you have the information you need! That is why we created My Ohiohcp, your personalized, secure, web pages for the program.

Your "myohiohcp" page will be loaded with live online information!
> News & Updates
> Requests for services
> All Services Plans
> Provider information
> you can even watch You Tube, and set up your favorite sites!!!

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