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What is a Provider?
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Provider Homepage

This section is for Providers of Care and Services in the Ohio Home Care Program (Ohiohcp).

What is a Provider?

A provider is an essential part of the Ohiohcp. Medicaid relies on a wide variety of organizations and individuals to provide the services our consumers need to remain healthy and safe in their homes and communities.

Provider Information at your Fingertips
Everything from becoming a provider to the successful continuation in the program is included in this section. Please look through it as well as the entire website and learn more about your role, the program, the consumers you'll serve and the Ohio Home Care personnel.

Team Communication
Providers are an important part of the care team. Therefore, it is important that we open the lines of communication and keep them active throughout your service. Please share your information, comments and other feedback that you feel is important. Use the Ohiohcp Feedback Form in the
Contact Us section.

NOTE: Voluntarily Surrender your Provider Number
All Providers wishing to surrender their Provider Number may do so by printing this Voluntary Termination Form and following the instructions, or by contacting the Ohio Department of Medicaid at 614-466-6742